How To Refinish A Dresser With Chalk Paint

How To Refinish A Dresser With Chalk Paint. You don't want to accidentally sand the chalk paint off. I've painted tons of furniture with chalk paint (including my favorite dresser), but i've always made my own with plaster of paris (recipe found here in tip #6).

How to refinish dresser and night stands with chalk paint
How to refinish dresser and night stands with chalk paint

Plus, all the steps that you can follow along and learn how to refinish furniture with chalk paint! To refinish a dresser you must first sand off the preexisting layers of stain, varnish, or paint, clean it well, then apply the new finish. If you are considering buying paint, i would recommend fusion mineral paint instead of a chalk paint.

A Friend Suggested That I Chalk Paint The Dresser, But I Don't Want It To Look Out Of Place In The Room.

So, paint away, and if you do need more than one coat, you just have to wait until the paint appears dry and has a chalky finish in order to apply another. We’ll take you through painting, waxing and all those extra touches that will make even the drabbest piece of furniture shine. Still, there are a few things to consider before starting.

Diy Refinished Dresser Using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Redesign Furniture Dresser Refinish Dresser Redo Love The Color Of This Chest Furniture Makeover Paint Furniture Furniture.

Opting to repaint the dresser in a solid color lightened the overall look and made the piece more eclectic. This amazing before and after shows just how easy and beautiful milk paint turns out. Affiliate links are included below for your convenience.

You Can Decide If Painting Or Staining Is The Best Choice For Your Space Or You Can Do A Combination Of Paint And Stain.

Fusion has the ease of use of chalk paint, but paints smooth like latex and seals the surface without any need of a topcoat. This post is sponsored by the real milk paint company. The dining room is actually part of our great room (separated by floor covering and furniture).

Make Sure To Let Your Paint Dry Between Coats.

Answer this question + 2. Once you have the chalk paint finish looking and feeling as smooth as you'd like, you're ready to clean it off. It is over halfway for the one room challenge!

I Want To Tefinish Oak Bedroom Furniture.

How to stain a dresser; Learn how to spray paint a dresser with chalk paint here! So click over there, and learn how to paint this dresser, because really, you could totally use this technique (and chalked paint) on any piece of furniture.

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